Founded in 2003 by Claudia Tanaka and Carlos Orozco; Economists with specialization in International Business ICESI. Committed to Total Quality Management Industry maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our company develops management system based on:

  •             Management Excellence
  •             Continues Improvement
  •             Discipline and Commitment


Excellence is the motivation of our project:

            Ability                      |

            Passion                   >     Perfection

            Commitment            |



Controlling quality is a combined effort by our team. It consists on :

  • Facility inspections
  • Corrective action report
  • Client logbook
  • Client liaison meet in fact.
  • Our ability to communicate with our site employees and the condominium management.



In the interest of optimum efficiency and good services, all existing employees, as well as new employees hired by Tanaka Cleaning, will be put through our regular training session as follows:

  • Initial training and retraining is provided to each employee.
  • Educational seminar in concerning safety at the workplace (WHMIS): Management - Employee relations, Environment and safety, productivity
  • Training and certificate ECOLOGO personal by our commercial partner Dustbane in:
    • Personal Care Product
    • Hand Cleaner :  Industrial & Institutional
    • Hard surface Cleaner  



For the benefit of everyone in the providing and receiving of services, Tanaka Cleaning must adopt a safety first attitude. It is not sufficient to believe that people generally understand basic safety procedure, for they simply do not. A large part of our duty is to ensure all employees use safe working habits and work in a safe environment.


W.H.M.I.S. sheets must be accessible at all time. The customer must have a copy in their office but we will have a full set available immediately, should an accident occur involving any of the chemical products used by our staff.

Due to our attempt to improve air quality and reduce danger to employees and the surrounding furniture and fitting, the following products are not permitted in the facility:

  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Powder Cleaner
  • Uninhibited Acid ( eg. Muriatic, sulfuric, nitric )
  • Bowl Cleaner